League of Angels 11/24 Update

2016-11-28 09:54

In this week’s update, we will welcome a powerful new male Angel, festive costume, new amulet, autumn-themed Homestead background, and some awesome new items. 
All servers will be update on 11/24. Read on for details.
New version: V3.90

New Male Angel – Hades

This cold-blooded killer was named after the dark lord and is more than ready to bring down enemies at the slightest signal.


New Amulet - Bloodthirsty Blade (Blade Dancer Miya)

This amulet is exclusive for the Blade Dancer Miya here and her evolution. 

New Costume - Feasting Dress

Dress up in style just in time for Thanksgiving.


New Items

1. Lvl. 6 - Lvl. 8 Angel Essence Chests and Lvl. 6 - Lvl. 8Angel Essence Combo Chests
2. Bloodthirsty Blade Inscription Pack and Bloodthirsty Blade VIP Card
3. Blood Chalice Inscription Pack

New Homestead Background: Wheat Field


League of Angels Team